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Cathy Bach

Parent of a former cadet in BC, National Executive Vice President of the League and Chair of the National PR Committee

"There is no better Youth program in Canada. I am amazed every year at the quality of youth that have benefitted form being part of this organization. My son has been out of the program for almost 10 years, and I still want to give back and support the program. "

Do you wish to have a say about the Army Cadet Program?  Do you wish to help represent the League’s national interests across Canada?

Whether you are a past Cadet or Officer, a parent of a Cadet, a current volunteer at a Corps or someone who has benefitted from the program and believe in the benefits it offers our Youth,  your experience within the Army Cadet program is invaluable to us.

Key benefits of joining the ACLC as a member:

  • Be part of an organization that helps develop leaders of the future
  • share your experience to help maintain or enhance the Army Cadet program
  • Have a say in the development of policies and decisions made by the ACLC on a national level in support of the program
  • Help support volunteers working at the corps