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Formed in 1971

To encourage army cadets to become better Canadians through citizenship and leadership training.



The Army Cadet League of Canada, a civilian nonprofit organization, commits to support the Army Cadets by working in partnership with local communities and the Canadian Forces in the development of policies and methods for achieving the aims and objectives of the Canadian Cadet Movement in general, and the Royal Canadian Army Cadets in particular.


Along with its partnership with DND and its role as supervisory sponsor to the Army Cadet Corps across the country, the League strongly encourages Army Cadets to become better Canadians through the program's citizenship an leadership training.

As a registered charitable organization, the League is supported by donations and a grant from DND.   With a minimal operating budget, provided through our partnership with DND, the League employs three full-time staff at the national office and offers its support to the provincial and territorial branches, and to the volunteers involved in the Army Cadets Corps across the country.

  • Encourage and promote interest in and support for the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.
  • Facilitate and recommend the formation of Army Cadet Corps.
  • Assist in the recruitment of Cadet Instructors and participate in the recruitment of Cadets.
  • Provide and supervise Local Sponsors.
  • Ensure that the Army Cadet Program is adventure-oriented, challenging, consistent with our aims and relevant to present society.
  • Collect, receive, hold and invest funds and property from contributions, gifts, grants, subscriptions or legacies and use such funds, subject to the donor's direction, for the benefit of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.
  • Protect the overall interests of the Army Cadet League of Canada.
  • Coordinate and influence effective support of Army Cadet Corps at all levels.
Board of Directors

Elected April 22, 2017

Executive Committee

  • President – Paul butler
  • Vice President – Patrick Peterson
  • Treasurer – Barbara butler
  • VP at Large – Dan Matthews
  • Secretary – theresa Cormier
  • Col. Commandant – BGen R.R. Romses
  • Past President – Robet Langevin

National Council Vice-Presidents

  • Honorary Solicitor – Martin Diegel
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – Greg Twining
  • Nova Scotia – Robert Baxter
  • New Brunswick – Dave Boudreau
  • Prince Edward Island – Willian Minnis
  • Québec – Gilles Déry
  • Ontario – Harry McCabe
  • Manitoba – Linda Wall
  • Saskatchewan – Lyle  Johnson
  • Alberta – Ed Belanger
  • British Columbia – Kirk Jones
  • Yukon – G. Watson
  • Northwest Territories – vacant
  • Nunavut – F. May

Provincial /Territorial Directors

  • Newfoundland and Labrador – David Curtis
  • Nova Scotia – Marie Leloup
  • New Brunswick – Paul Butler
  • PEI – Jim T. Spears
  • Québec – Jean-Guy Saint-Gélais
  • Ontario – Rick Brown
  • Manitoba – A. Wise
  • Saskatchewan – Eddie Matthew


  • Deborah Craig
  • Douglas Sentell